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valign=top Fri Oct 28, 2005
    EMBO/EMBL Conference on Science and Security

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    HSci2005 - 2nd International Conference

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Irish Centre for Talented Youth (CTYI)

The Irish Centre for Talented Youth (CTYI) provides fast paced classes for academically talented students aged 6-16. Each year over 1500 students from all over the world participate in our programme. We have courses and classes in the area of Chemistry, Forensic Science, Genetics, Biology and Physics. Most of the students attend the programme on either Saturday mornings or during our intensive summer courses.
For more details check out our web-site at: www.dcu.ie/ctyi

Colm O’Reilly


  • Address: Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland
  • Tel: 353-1-700563
  • Fax: 353-1-7005693   
  • E-mail:  



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