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    EMBO/EMBL Conference on Science and Security

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    HSci2005 - 2nd International Conference

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PhDr. Eva Vondrakova,xml:namespace prefix = st1 /> 

I am psychologist, co-founder of the previous Czechoslovak ECHA branch (1989), President of the Czech and Slovak ECHA branches and ECHA National correspondent. 15 years ago I organized Clubs for clever and curious children (10 - 14 years old). More than 10 years I organize Club for parents of the Gifted Children’s meetings and seminars for psychologists and teachers on the gifted children education.
I am co-author of the project of “Mensa” Grammar School in Prague. I cooperated with the Czech Ministry of Education on the development of system for the care of gifted students in the CR.
I have private practice and nowadays start to cooperate with the Centre for lifelong education Pegas5. I prepare courses for teachers and psychologists. I help gifted students to find mentors, summer camps and colleagues in their favorite topics. I inform on possible international cooperation with pleasure. I have met many highly gifted children and students whose way to science was complicated. I am doing all my best to change situation in the gifted students’ education in my country and ‘open the door’ for fresh wind here.


  • Address: Bellusova 1827/53, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic
  • Tel: 00420 235513632; 00420 606541187
  • Fax: 00420 257315706
  • E-mail: vondrakova
  • Website: http://stan-echa.aktualne.cz


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