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    EMBO/EMBL Conference on Science and Security

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    HSci2005 - 2nd International Conference

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Estonian Academy of Young Scientist

This not-profitable youth organization will unit Estonian young science and development oriented researchers from all the academic backgrounds from freshmen bachelors to degree students. All the interested groups, whose aims coincide with EAYS’s own, are welcome to do collaboration with the academy. EAYS is indifferent in respect to particular branch or field of science. Its object is to help and contribute to all the young scientists. The work of EAYS is based on the democratic principles. EAYS is World Academy of Young Scientists’ (WAYS) official representative in Estonia.

The aims of EAYS:

  • uniting the youth whose interests and career prospects lie in the field of scientific research .
  • representation and defense of the Estonian young scientists’ interests inside the stat, in Europe and worldwide.  
  • propaganda of science based general attitude.
  • development of fact based analytical thinking.
  • linkage between the worldwide and local young scientis ts’ research groups.
  • providing the ultimate source of information necessary for the young scientists..
  • elevation of the young scientists’ magnitude (solemnity) in national and international scene enhancing Estonian young scientists’ attitude towards related subjects.
  • intensifying the collaboration between various scientific and political governmental and non-governmental not profitable organizations.
  • EAYS will actively participate in the work of the other non-profitable and governmental youth organizations. EAYS’s priorities in this field include cooperation with: the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education and Research of Republic of Estonia, UNESCO office in Estonia, the Scientific Union of Secondary Schools Students, the Science Center AHHAAA, the universities, research centers etc.
  • EAYS is planning to organize local science seminars, international conferences in extracurricular education of young students in science and technology.








Dimitri Teperik


  • email:
  • Phone: +37256988296
  • Fax: +37256988296


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