International Science Camps 2012
17 Sept 2011
Every summer XLAB organizes International Science Camps. They attract interested high school students and undergraduate college or university students, aged about 16 to 22 years. Courses are offered in biology, chemistry and physics and supervised by scientists of the University of Göttingen and affiliated research organizations. Click here to learn more and download pdf.

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XLAB Science School
17 Sept 2011
The XLAB Science School in January is an new international program for undergraduate university students. Click here to learn more on website and click here to download flyer. 
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Youth and Science Program 2012
4th Sep 2011
Click HERE below to learn more about the science camp of our Spanish member!

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on science, technology and the developing world

Students discover use for tilapia scales, rambutan vs radiation
The next time you throw away scales from tilapia or peelings from the rambutan fruit, think of the Agusan del Sur high school science students and their science advisers who have found a use for these waste materials to shield people from harmful electromagnetic radiation and gamma rays.
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Two-year delay for Botswana's science university
Botswana's first university dedicated to science and technology will delay opening its doors to students by two years, to 2009. more »

Conference hears of progress in HIV/AIDS fight
Scientists reported new insights into the origins of HIV, and progress towards new ways of treating and preventing infection at a conference last week. more »

Chinese scientist sues co-authors over fraud claims
A dispute between Chinese scientists over the validity of a research paper they co-wrote has led the project leader to sue two of his colleagues. more »

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