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What are the major aims of NYEX?
Which are the current major programs, objectives of NYEX activities?
Who are (or could become) NYEX members: persons or institutions, or both?
May individuals apply for NYEX membership?
Do NYEX members represent something (e.g. their country, region, or activity sector)?
Is NYEX a member of some other (upper-level) associations, networks, nodes, organizations?
What is the internal organizational structure of NYEX? Who represents NYEX? What is decision procedure?
What is the official way to become a legal member of NYEX?
Is there any membership fee for NYEX?
Is membership of a certain institution limited in time?
Are there some types of activity limitations of NYEX's programs, especially related to young people (equal opportunity, social fair approach, private protection policy, protection against racial/gender/cultural/etc. bias, etc.)?
Do you have some kind of regular meetings, where and when? Who can be invited – official representatives of member institutions, their managers/directors, officers responsible for international co-operation, delegates?


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