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There are any conferences in our databeses now.

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The formal establishment of the network is a currently ongoing process. Therefore, all the members below are organizations, which expressed their interest to join the network.

   American Junior Academy of Science, United States
   Astronomy Magazine of Iran, Iran
   Bildung und Begabung, Germany
   Center for Gifted Education Policy, USA
   Cheongju University, Korean Republic
   Colegiul Bethlen Gábor, Romania
   Department of Gifted Children, Israel
   Dialog-Gentechnik, Austria
   Economic Gymnazia N5, Belarus
   Ege Universitesi, Turkey
   EMBL-EBI, United Kingdom
   Euroscience Greek Regional Section, Greece
   Hungarian Research Student Association, Hungary
   Illinois Math Science Academy, USA
   Indian Institute of Science, India
   Insitute of Pedagogy, Lithuania
   International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Poland
   Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland
   Kim Institute, Korean Republic
   Kompetenzcentren/Bosch Stiftung, Germany
   Live Science Program, Gaia and Ashoka, Brasil
   Mongomery County Public Schools, USA
   National Institute for Laser, Romania
   National Water Research Center, Egypt
   Petnica Science Center, Serbia
   Second School Lyceum Moscow, Russia
   Swedish Federation of Young Scientists, Sweden
   Taiwan Ocean University, Malawi
   Technion Center, Israel
   Technology Engineering and Research Programme, Singapore
   The Michigan State University Out-reach Program, USA
   The Rockefeller University, USA
   Univ Autonoma Barcelona, Spain
   Universidade do Minho, Portugal
   Universite Paul Sabatier, France
   Uzghorod National University, Ukraine
   Visnjan School of Astronomy, Croatia
   West Visayas State University, The Philippines
   XLAB Gottingen, Germany


 Executive Board

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