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    Science literacy and lifelong learning

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Summary from the 30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference
July 26, 2005 15:54:00
The Congress had 2646 participants from 89 countries.

The 30th FEBS Congress and 9th IUBMB Conference was held between july 2-7, 2005 at Eötvös University Convention Center. The venue was equipped with complet range of conference facitities.

elte3.jpg APICT0128.jpg

It is situated in a pleasant and peaceful park on the Danube embankment, enriched by the atmospher on the Buda side of the river.

As part of the opening ceremony Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research held a speech as well as Péter Friedlich (Prisident of the Congress), Israel Pecht (President, FEBS), Mary Osborne (President, IUBMB) and Katalin Sulyok (President, Hungarian Research Student Association).

The oral and poster persentations started on Sunday, July 3 2005. The high-school student on site-helpers (known ans "Yellow Angels") recruited by the Network of Youth Excellence from 4 Central European countirs played a very importat role in these programs arrengment. These students did not only help the participants to find what they want at the Congress but also stopped them and asked about their research.

There was a special event called pub tour. Each evening almost twenty of the best speakers waited for the young scientists of the Congress at the Café le Comedien for an informal discussion. We would like to express our deepest thanks for all of our speakers (including Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate) for this novel and excellent opportunity!

The Congress had another special and unique afternoon programs to show that "Science is fun" and this conference was organized for the participants' creativity.
There were three different tasks, one mainly artistic and two mainly scientific:
1. Images of the Cell in Modern Paintings
2. Sculpture Making Competition
3. 3D Modeling Contest

Winner team of the Sculpture Making Competition
























During and after the Conference we received several acknowledgements form participants, here are two extracts:

Professor Peter Agre (Nobel Laureate):
„I greatly enjoyed the FEBS congress and particularly enjoyed visiting Budapest. Best of all  was the chance to meet many young Hungarian students. While the U.S. is rich in material resources, the wonderful scientific  curiosity of your young people predicts continued scientific brilliance from Hungary.I met several during my time at thecongress site and also at the pub tour you are to be congratulated for a very fine event."















Professor Gábor Tigyi:
"The conference ran well and generally was of high quality. The "protein world" theme was counterproductive because it is likely to have turned away some scientists as it was viewed the it was a "protein meeting" and not a forum for all areas of  biochemistry.  The high school student "angels" were a delight and they all spoke excellent ENGLISH.  Very impressive!  The pub tours with  professors were also a hit."

We would like to congratulate to the "Yellow Angel Team" and their leaders Tamás Korcsmáros (Head of the Local Organizing Committee), Gábor Somfai, Katalin Sulyok, Dia Papp, Szilárd Kui, Csaba Böde, Kata Demeter, Attila Kun, Lilian Zsákai, István Regõs, Zsuzsanna Huszenicza, Ferenc Minárik, Márton König, Tamás G. Szabó and Dénes Türei for their excellent work.
For further information visit the following webpage:
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