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    Science literacy and lifelong learning

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30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference Closed
July 12, 2005 17:14:00
The Congress had 2646 participants from 89 countries.

It is just a short notice, a detailed report will follow soon. 

"Yellow angels"


The Conference was run by more than hundred high-school student who were called "Yellow angels" during the Conference because they wore a yellow T-shirt with a "YOUR HELP" sign. These students did not only navigate and help the participants at the Congress but also stoped them and asked about their research.

Pub tour

Each evening almost twenty of our best speakers waited for the young scientists of the Congress at the Café le Comedien for an informal discussion. We thank all of our speakers (including Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate) for this novel and excellent opportunity!

Science is fun

There were three different tasks, one mainly artistic and two mainly scientific.
1. Images of the Cell in Modern Paintings
2. Sculpture Making Competition
3. 3D Modeling Contest


The winner team of the Sculpture Making Competition



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