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    WAYS 1st General Conference

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 Mon Dec 13, 2004 WAYS 1st General Conference
 Sun Oct 03, 2004 The 2nd NATO-UNESCO Advanced Research Workshop
 Sun Nov 10, 2002 Scientific Research Training for Gifted Youth
 Sun Apr 21, 2002 The 1st NATO-UNESCO Advanced Research Workshop

Mon Dec 13, 2004
WAYS 1st General Conference

WAYS 1st General Conference

Marrakech, Morocco
11-13 December, 2004


- to give young scientists from all regions of the world the opportunity to discuss present and future issues concerning science and technology, in particular the situation and role of young scientists with regard to the profound changes in the scientific environment, major scientific and technological achievements, structural changes in many countries, and new perspectives for worldwide scientific co-operation
- to reinforce recognition of the need to involve young scientists in the science and technology policy process, introducing the active role of young scientists as agents of change in Science Policy
- to make future-oriented recommendations to decision-makers, scientific institutions etc.
- to discuss the contribution of science in fostering the dialogue among civilizations
- to hold the 1st General Assembly of the World Academy of Young Scientists (WAYS)

How to apply?

The information on the WAYS conference is distributed by the UNESCO National Committees and the Federations of UNESCO Clubs and Associations with a call for each country delegating and supporting the participation of one or two talented young scientists (preferably between 15 and 35 years of age, from different scientific levels and disciplines) to the conference. The selection, carried out with the help of the National Academies and/or other scientific institutions, is based on the evidence of scientific excellence and motivation for active participation in the global network of young scientists.

For this latter reason, the applicants are required to become WAYS members, fill in a registration form (English, French) for the conference, write a short essay (600-800 words) in English or French, focusing on one of the WAYS objectives (see: WAYS informational material in English or in French), and send these documents with a maximum two-page long CV to the local UNESCO office (see: Directory of National Commissions for UNESCO) and the WAYS Secretariat (ways) before 15 September 2004.

Should you have any questions about the conference or the application procedure, please contact: Maria Harsányi or Marta Maczel at the WAYS Secretariat (e-mail: ways, tel./fax: +36-1 279 6119), or Diana Malpede at UNESCO (e-mail: D.Malpede).

For further info please visit the WAYS homepage


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