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How Do I Update My Graphics Driver?

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When installing the operating system (OS), on a computer either PC or laptop, the components are operated, or driven, by device drivers. Windows installs by default many drivers used by peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, monitors, and printers. Should the need for third-party drivers arise, they are usually located on a disk or floppy and installed separately. At some point you may need to update the drivers and this can be accomplished by enabling Windows Update, or visit a website for automatic updates, one such source is Driver Detective Review.

An example of a needed update is the graphics driver. The installation of the OS supplies the basic driver to obtain images, usually displaying 800×600 resolutions which for the newer computers need a higher resolution is needed, i.e.1024×768. This cannot be accomplished without the driver to accommodate the pixel images desired. The Driver Detective is capable of detecting the drivers needed, then allowing a simple download to be installed if not done automatically.

Over time, you may misplace the driver disk that came with your computer. Although it is an inconvenience, those drivers are accessible by direct download from the vendor, or using the services offered by Driver Detective in supplying the needed drivers. As aforementioned, Windows offers device drivers on their website; however, you may have installed certain components that are not supported by Microsoft, in fact, they have ended support for several OS over the years leaving a need for such archival services like Driver Detective.

Whether a beginner with computers, or a seasoned professional, there comes a time when the assistance of an outside source is needed to keep the computer running smoothly. Without the proper drivers installed on the computer will cause crashes and other functioning problems, check out Driver Detective today to determine that your PC is running at top performance.

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January 11th, 2013 at 11:29 pm

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