The French Research Student Movement has been born

Three representatives of the Hungarian Research Student Movement - Prof. Peter Csermely and two research students: József Horváth and Dénes Türei – travelled to Paris to assist at the foundation of the Science Académie. The Science Académie with the leadership of Professor François Taddei is willing to be a similar organization like the Hungarian
Research Student Movement. We spent 10 days from July the 16th to the 25th with a group of 21 students, who had been selected on the basis of their motivation letters. Together we took part in several programs, like the followings:
Every day smaller groups could visit the laboratories of the Curie Institute. We solved creative problems in teams and built meteorological balloons. We prepared unusual types of food in the frame of the Buffet Chimique, and explained their properties through chemical and physical phenomena. Several lectures were given by French academicians, professors and ministers. Dr. Peter Csermely presented the results of the Research Student Movement to the academicians. Among the students we discussed how the Hungarian movement works and talked about our own research interests. It was a fantastic team, and as we soon realised they all had the ?face of a research student? meaning that they were open-minded, curious and hard-working. Many of them  had new plans to start research projects. Our journey was not in vain: the French Research Student Movement has been formed!
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