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Maria Luisa Tenchini (Italy)

E-mail:  marialuisa.tenchini
Name of the Institute:  Cus-Mi-Bio
Web:  www.cusmibio.unimi.it

Graduated in 1972 in Biology at the University of Milan. She is working at the Department of Biology and Genetics for Medical Sciences, Medical Faculty, University of Milan, where she is full professor of Cell Biology. During 1982-83, she was research fellow at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, and in 1991 visiting professor at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London. She is member of the Italian Societies of Genetics, of Biophysics and Molecular Biology and of Cell Biology and Development.

Main research interests:

  • analysis of transformation markers and of tumorigenicty in human cell hybrids,
  • characterization of molecules secreted by in vitro cultured human keratinocytes,
  • molecular genetics (isolation, mapping, analysis of the expression of eukaryotic genes).

Her present research activities concern the study of pathogenetic mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases (rare hereditary coagulation defects, and autosomal dominant nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy). She is author of more than 70 publications on peer-reviewed international journals.

Prof. Tenchini expertise in extracurricular education of undergraduate students in science and technology begins with Cus-Mi-Bio institution in 2004. Her long lasting experience as University teacher was the ground where the Cus-Mi-Bio project was built.

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