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Responding to the high-school teachers’ need to receive training in the latest scientific developments and swap advice, the University of Milan, besides its institutional duties in research and teaching at the University level, in May, 2004 has founded Cus-Mi-Bio (Centre University School of Milan for Bioscience Education), a new project to improve Science Education in High Schools.

Cus-Mi-Bio organizes training activities and updating courses directed to high school teachers and laboratories for high school students to increase their interest in biosciences with the final goal to ensure a new generation of researchers.


Cus-Mi-Bio works in close collaboration with the local school authorities, i.e. Lombardy Educational Office (Lombardy is a large area in the North of Italy with 991 public high schools, over 1500 life science teachers and over 342.000 students). Cus-Mi-Bio established also a fruitful collaboration with ELLS (European Learning Laboratories for the Life Science), the EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratories) branch for science education.


Major initiatives directed towards high school teachers are:

  • Theoretical courses
  • Practical courses
  • E-learning activities
  • Work groups for high school teachers


Major initiatives directed towards high school students are:

  • Try the BioLab
  • One week as reasercher
  • Partecipation of excellent students in top science research projects

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