3rd International Conference on "Hands-on Science"


Following the success of previous conferences HSCI’2004 in Ljubljana and HSCI’2005 in Crete, attended by 320 participants from 27 countries on 5 continents, with 133 different presentations, the third Hands-on Science annual conference, HSCI’2006, will be held at the Universidade do Minho in Braga, Portugal, (and at further locations in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula), from September 4 to 9, 2006. The Conference will provide the ideal opportunity for presentation of works related to Science Education. The aim of the Conference is to promote an open broad exchange of experience on good practice, syllabus and policy matters, social factors and the learning of science, and other issues related to Science Education and its development… through an enlarged use of hands-on experiments in the classroom.


For more information please go to www.hsci.info or download the Conference Call in .pdf format from here.

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