NATO-UNESCO Advanced Research Workshop No. 982077

NATO-UNESCO Advanced Research Workshop No. 982077


Science Education: Talent Recruitment and Public Understanding


Hotel Flamingo, Balatonfüred, Hungary, 20-22 October, 2006



Scientific program:

19th October, Thursday

3: 00 p.m. Satellite program:
EMBO-sponsored Roundtable on “How to communicate Talent Recruitment to the polititians and the media?”
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Bolyai Room, Budapest, Roosevelt tér 9.)

7:00 p.m. Working dinner


20th October, Friday


2:30 pm: Opening Ceremony

Peggy Connolly (Chairperson, Network of Youth Excellence)

Norbert Kroó (Vice-President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; member, European Research Council)

Gilbert Fayl (European Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Begano Arano (DG Research, European Commission)

Julia Hasler (UNESCO)


3:30-4:00 break


4 pm Environment and Help of Research Training

Account on the EMBO/UNESCO-sponsored satellite roundtable on the communication of research training to politicians and the media (Szilárd Kui, secretary of the Network of Youth Excellence)

World Academy of Young Scientists: a permanent global network of young scientists (Gaell Mainguy, president – France)

Developing National Policies in Talent Development: Obstacles and Opportunities (Rena Subotnik, USA)


5 pm Fostering Research Training Projects

Recommendations for Science Education Policies and Collaboration between Research Training Projects

Round table discussion

Moderator: Peter Csermely

Panelists: Sokol Axhemi, Gaell Mainguy, Julia Hasler


8 pm dinner



21st October, Saturday


9 am Successful Practices around the World

"That Tingling Thrill: What Mentors and Students Want” (Peggy Connolly, Chairman, Network of Youth Excellence)

New horizon to help the young scientists in Korea and international relationship (Myoung Hwan Kim, South Korea)

Communicating Science – Challenge for Science Centres (Thomas Wendt, Germany)

Break 10:30-11:00

Science education between high school and university education (Eva-Maria Neher, Germany)

Why are academic summer programs for gifted youngsters are so successful? (Harald Wagner, Germany)

Introduction to research in secondary school (Josep M. Fernandez Novell, Spain)

The New Policy for Promoting Education for Outstanding and Gifted Students in Israel (Rachmel Shlomit, Israel)


12:30-1:30 pm lunch


2 pm Implementation of successful practices of  research training in Central Eastern Europe

Non Governmental Organizations - the need of balance in the national polices of gifted education - Croatia (Korado Korlevic, Croatia)

"Ten Typical Weak Points in Parallel-to-School Science Education of Motivated Teenagers” (Vigor Majic – Serbia)

Biological Research camp Arachne: a spider-web connecting young people and themes (Jan Mourek, Czech Republic)

The STAN Newest Activities (Eva Vondrakova, Czech Republic)

Break 3:30-4:00

Open Science (Anna Martinkova, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Recruitment of talents for life sciences in Slovakia: finally moving (Miroslava Slaninova, Slovakia)

The role of science clubs and science fairs in young people science education in Romania (Ada Sporea, Romania)




5 pm Best Practice of Research Training Projects: Recommendations for New Projects


Round table discussion

Moderators: Peggy Connolly and Korado Korlevic

Panelists: All participants of the workshop


8 pm dinner


October 22nd, Sunday


9 am NYEX Board meeting/optional sightseeing


12 am: lunch and departure


You can download the Scientific Programme here and the Timetable here

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