General information

NYEX Annual Conference will be organized in October 18-20, 2007 in
the Petnica Science Center, Serbia.

There will be three main topics of the Conference:
1. Toward Successful National Policies that Support Young Talents in Science
2. Effects of Out-of-school Science Education
3. Professional Support for Young Talents in Science -- Examples of Good Practice.

       Participants arrival --- October 17th (Wednesday) in Belgrade
       There will be reserved hotel in Belgrade (free of charge) for
       all NYEX member participants.
       Tomorrow, on Thursday, October 18th, participants will be
       transported by bus from Belgrade to Valjevo, hotel "Grand".
       The opening ceremony will be on Thursday afternoon in Petnica
       Working days: Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday morning.
       On Saturday afternoon we'll offer you a nice excursion.
       Departure: Sunday, October 21, morning (to Belgrade).

      Complete boarding and local transportation costs
      (Belgrade-Valjevo-Petnica-Excursion-Valjevo-Belgrade) will be
      covered by the Petnica Center for one representative of each
      NYEX member.

      Other participants have to pay their accommodation. We shall
      offer several options for accommodation in Valjevo in price
      range 20-50 Euro per night. For a limited number of participants
      we can offer accommodation in the Petnica Center in Student
      Dormitory for about 10 Euro per day (full costs).


      June 15th --- NYEX member participants -- hotel reservation
      (e-mail confirmation to vigor at

      July 1st ---- We expect announcements from participants who wish
      to present their papers at the Conference: Full titles, please,
      plus 2-3 sentences about the main idea.

      July 15th --- Other participants, extra reservations,

      September 15th -- Final list of speaking participants because of
      printed Conference Programme.

Dietary requirements:

      Not urgent! In September we shall contact all registered
      participants and guests about their preferred meals.

Transportation suggestions:

      Try to come in Belgrade until Thursday morning, October

      You can stay in Belgrade on your own costs after the last
      Conference day.

      If anybody wish to leave the Conference on Saturday, we shall
      try to organize the best possible transportation to Belgrade.
      Anyway there are many buses between Valjevo and Belgrade --
      almost every round hour! It's not far -- about 90-100 minutes by

      Colleagues planning to come by car from not far countries can
      easily find Valjevo on the road map -- about 70 km SW from

Weather conditions:

      Nobody knows! Statistically, October is the most pleasant month
      here with avg. temperature of about 19o centigrade by day.

Important prices:
      Bus ticket Belgrade-Valjevo is about 6 Euro.
      Gasoline: 0.9 Euro per liter.
      Holidays: No official holiday (yet) in October.
      Exchange rate: about 80 (78-82) dinars for 1 Euro.

Other interesting facts:
      At the same time there will be several groups of
      secondary-school students in the Petnica Center attending our
      Autumn Courses. It will be very interesting opportunity for
      the Conference participants to see some of typical science
      training programmes in Petnica as well as to meet many of our
      colleagues and associates.

      We also expect some of local experts in education of gifted
      students to visit the Conference and take part in some of
      conference events.

Interested parties please write to the organizers :Vigor Majic <vigor at>
or to the secretary of the NYEX: Lilla Barabas <secretary at>.

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