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Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI)
Every July at Weizmann Institute of Summer, Israel

Each summer since 1969 approximately 75 highly talented high school graduates from all over the world gather together to spend a month at the Weizmann Institute. The first three weeks are devoted to actual research in active research laboratories and teams. The work combines the exploration of problems in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematical and computer sciences. Students are mentored individually in the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment and experimental procedures. Upon completion of laboratory work, participants give an oral presentation and submit a written scientific report of their research.
There are also supplemental lectures given by senior Institute scientists, departmental talks and visits to some of the state of art on-campus facilities.
The final week of the program is spent at a field school in the Judean Desert, by the Dead Sea (the world lowest undersea level point and saltiest lake). The participants experience hikes and excursions that acquaint them with the ecological, geographical, zoological and archeological characteristics of the region.
The schedule also allows for free time (including some weekends), social activities, discussion groups and more. Tours of Israel are also part of the itinerary.

For further details about the ISSI and its registration procedure see the Bessie F. Lawrence ISSI information at  Web site

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