Visnjan School of Astronomy, Croatia

Korlevic, Korado 
Visnjan School of Astronomy, Croatia 
Visnjan Observatory, Istarska 5, 52463 Visnjan, Croatia 
Tel: +385-52-449-212, 


Visnjan Observatory is situated in the western part of the Istrian peninsula . It is part of the picturesque city of Visnjan . During the past ten years, Visnjan became one of the world's most prolific discovery sites for the small bodies in the Solar System. More than 1400 minor planets have been discovered with our 40 cm telescope . At this time, we are putting together a new observatory with 1 m telescope . It is called Tican , and it is just 3 km away from Visnjan. We have some exciting times ahead! Astronomy is not the only thing that is going on in Visnjan. We are involved in many educational projects that include physics, biology, chemistry, ecology , and many other fields. Our programs offer new and creative methods of teaching science to young people. Recently, we have also started a workshop on management in science. We strongly believe that in today's rapidly evolving educational and social environment, students need more than what is offered in government schools. Visnjan Observatory and its projects are carried out by a group of volunteers and participating students. Their success is a proof of how much can be done just with enthusiasm.

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