ExploHeidelberg, Germany

Dr. Thomas Wendt
Project Manager Teaching Lab 
Im Neuenheimer Feld 582, 69120 Heidelberg Germany
Tel: (+49) 6221 421404, 

The ExploHeidelberg is an interactive study centre with a focus on natural sciences. Pupils, adults, teachers and scientists can experience the natural science phenomena in a playful way. It consists of an interactive axhibition, a media lab, and a bitechnological teaching lab. The exhibition and media lab is focused on the general visitor from preschool to retirment age. Physics, in particular spectroscopy, acoustics and mechanics are the focus of the exhibition. The teaching lab offers all practical experimental possibilities of a fully equipped molecular biology laboratory for pupils, teachers and scientists. It allows to test the individual disposition towards experimental biology during the decision making process. On top, one of the major aims is in teacher education and training. Several courses on specific topics are run during the year. The regional partners of the ExploHeidelberg besides many others include the German Cancer Research Center, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Organization, the Heidelberg University, the University of Teacher Education and the Technology Park Heidelberg.

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