Bildung und Begabung, Germany

Bildung und Begabung, Germany   

Wagner, Harald 
Executive Director 
Bildung und Begabung e. V.
Ahrstrasse 45,

D-53175 Bonn, Germany 
Tel: +49-228-959-1510, 

 Bildung und Begabung e.V. is a private, non-profit national organization to promote highly able and talented secondary school students in Germany. Its main activities are national competitions in mathematics and foreign languages and residential summer programs for 16 to 18 year-olds (“Deutsche SchuelerAkademie” since 1988). These programs have a strong emphasis on mathematics and sciences. Since 2003 these programs have been extended to 13 to 14 year-olds (“Deutsche JuniorAkademien”). The Deutsche SchuelerAkademie has already been attended by more than 7,500 youngsters. Annually some 50 students from other countries are admitted to the academies.

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