Arachne Association, Czech Republic

  Ondrej Koukol
  Arachne Association
  Petrzilova 3296, Praha 4, 143 00, Czech Republic
  Tel: +420777056364,


Arachne Association is an organisation with seven years long tradition in organisation of residential summer courses in biology. It has close relations with the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). The leaders are mostly pre- and post - gradual students of biology. Our main aims try to fill a gap in the Czech educational system that mostly does not support the needs of talented and motivated young students. Their everyday experience is that they are forced not to step out of the line of normal, unfortunately, uninterested peers. Arachne courses provide space and education for these students. They can taste working and co-operating on real scientific projects together with practical and theoretical education in a variety of scientific subjects. Additional leisure activities include challenging games improving their creativity, communication skills, fast and critical thinking and physical abilities as well. Wide variety of the activities and the throughout education provides needs for their satisfactory and fruitful life and their possible future scientific career.


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