World Academy of Young Scientists (WAYS)

WAYS is the permanet global network of young researchers (between 15 and 40 years of age), gathering about one thousand individual members, originating from nearly one hundred countries of five continents and representing all disciplines. Under the patronage of the Hungarian Government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), WAYS was successfully launched at the World Science Forum 2003 in Budapest, and held its 1st General Conference in December 2004 in Marrakech, Morocco.

The activities of the network, driven by an international board representing both developed and developing countries are coordinated by the Budapest-based Secretariat, and are supported by outstanding senior scientist, including 8 Nobel laurates.

WAYS aims at empowering young talented scientists both in the North and the South by:

  • fostering collaboration
  • enhancing the participation of young researchers in science policy and decision-making
  • providing the best conditions for quality research
  • making science more attractive, comprehensible and accessible to everyone
  • increaing motivation for scientific careers
  • encouraging a global, ethical, and social awareness among the youth

WAYS regional units and scientific departments provide structures through which members can contribute to developement of science, technology and innovation in specific areas. The Medical and Life Sciences Department is currenty developing networks and databases to facilitate the access of young biologists to careers and encourage their international mobility via improved communication, international cooperation, identification of best practices and mentoring program. The department is also willing to facilitate the diffusion of scientific knowledge to reduce the gap between developed and less developed countries and to help public health education.

WAYS is now actively taking part in the organisation of the World Science Forum 2005, where a whole session is dedicated to the education of the future generation. Ultimately, the coordination of WAYS activities should help the emergence of a scientifically educated world community. 






Gaell Mainguy, Phd


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