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Prof. Peter Csermely (Hungary)

E-mail:  csermely
Name of the Institute:  Hungarian Research Student Foundation

Peter Csermely (48) is a professor of the Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary). His major fields of study are molecular chaperones (www.chaperone.sote.hu) and networks (www.weaklink.sote.hu). In 1995 dr. Csermely launched a highly successful initiative, which provides research opportunities for more than 10,000 gifted high school students (www.kutdiak.hu). He wrote and edited ten books (including the Weak Links at Springer in 2006) and has published two hundred research papers with a total citation over 2100. Dr. Csermely is the vice president of the Hungarian Biochemical Society is the president of Cell Stress Society International, an Ashoka Fellow, was a Fogarty and Howard Hughes Scholar and received several other national and international honors and awards including the 2004 Descartes Award of the European Union for Science Communication.

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