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March 29, 2007

International Youth Research School 2007

August 18-30, 2007, Petnica Science Center

IYRS 2007 is a summer program of Petnica Science Center. Its main goal is to gather gifted students, extraordinary motivated for scientific research from the region of SE Europe and other countries in Petnica stimulating surrounding, give them short but intensive course of the scientific research methods with a lot of practical exercises enabling them to do real research projects under supervision of experienced science educators and professional scientists.
IYRS is organized and hosted by Petnica Science Center, the biggest independent nonprofit organization for out-of-school science education in SE Europe. The Center is located in the countryside (western Serbia, a hundred kilometers southwestward from Belgrade) with unusually rich and diverse natural resources (forests, lakes, caves, a canyon…), which is particularly important for combining theoretical, laboratory and field educational activities. Petnica Science Center also has facilities and equipment enabling hundreds of students to attend series of programs all over year and learn through research.
This research school is an excellent opportunity to gather open-minded young people on the same project and make a small step toward tolerance, better understanding and real co operation among people of this unfortunate region. IYRS participants will experience not onl the atmosphere of laboratories and the library but also of many sports activities, cultural happenings and excursions to some authentic tourist destinations.
Students that want to apply for this program should complete student application form, write a personal statement and provide two letters of recommendation. (All the forms could be downloaded from IYRS Web site. >www.psc.ac.yu/iyrs> Application files should be send by e-mail to >iyrs> not later than May 15, 2007.
All students of age 17-20 are eligible for IYRS 2007. Main criteria for admission are motivation for out-of-school learning and demonstrated interest in science. Note that school grades are important, but they are not a discriminative factor. Open-mindedness and readiness for intensive work are much more important.>

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