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November 12, 2005 17:27:00

World Science Forum

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in partnership with UNESCO and ICSU, organised the second World Science Forum . Budapest on 10-12 November 2005. This Forum focused on the theme of Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility.

Mission of the World Science Forum

At the dawn of the 21st century, scientific knowledge plays an essential part of our everyday lives. Scientific knowledge is not only the result of scientific endeavor and human curiosity but it is also a powerful means of understanding human nature, society and the natural world on which we depend.

In the past, the main role of science has been the production of new knowledge in order to satisfy the inherent curiosity of the human mind. Most recently, scientific advancement has become the main driver for development in society. Because of this, there are real opportunities for science to make a significant contribution to the sustainable livelihood development of humankind.

In spite of its spectacular development and new opportunities, scientific pursuit for knowledge in the 21st century faces wavering confidence, unseen dilemmas, unexpected challenges, and brand-new questions. These problems can be solved only if the main producers and users of knowledge are able to reach a common ground for the new roles of knowledge and science in today.s global society.

UNESCO and ICSU organized the first World Conference on Science in Budapest in 1999. Delegates of the World Conference on Science decided on a series of follow-up conferences. Inspired by the first World Conference on Science and in order to promote the quality of dialogue concerning the new roles and challenges of scientific knowledge within today.s global society, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (in partnership with UNESCO and ICSU) has established the World Science Forum - Budapest; a world conference series on science, knowledge, and society. The first World Science Forum was organized in Budapest on 8-10 November 2003. The Forum at that time focused on Knowledge and Society.

For further information please visit the following website: www.sciforum.hu

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