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Juny 04, 2005 11:45:00

International Round Table in Lithuania

Conference “Role of Youth in science promotion” Friday, May of 27th, 2005 Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

Estonian Academy of Young Scientists and Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers organized last week international round table discussion on topic of role of youth in science promotion. More information you can find on the web-site: http://ljms.lms.lt/?q=lt/renginiai/2005-05-27-LT-EST

This conference was been held in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. Participants  from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Invited speakers were from Estonian Physics Society, Science Center AHHAA, Scientific Union of Pupils, Archimedes Foundation, Estonian Academy of Young Scientists.
The vice-speaker of the Parliament, members of parliament committee of education, science and culture, specialists from Ministry of Science and Education, persons from National Science Academy and National Science Council were attended to this conference. Participants were also from many students' organizations and associations. Conclusions from this meeting will be available soon in web-site.

Some pictures about the conference:




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