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April 10, 2005 17:07:00

The nomination process has been successfully completed

The deadline (4th April) passed for nominations for Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Seceretariat of the Network of Youth Excellece. The Secretariat received the following nominations:


Peggy Connolly

NOTE: Srdjan Verbic was also nominated, but he didn't accepted the nomination


Eva Maria Neher

Kim Myoung Hwan

Korado Korlevic

Menahem Kaftory

Michaels S. Arvanitis

NOTE: Peggy Connolly and Srdjan Verbic were also nominated, but they decided not to accept the nomination.


Hungarian Research Student Association

NOTE: X-Lab Goettingen has withdrawn its offer to perform the role of the Secretariat. Kim Institute for the Korean Gifted was also nominated but, it decided not to accept the nomination.

We have reached the last step: the election of the Chairperson, the two Vice-Chairpersons and the Secretrariat. The current Secretariat organizes a secret ballot, voting sheets will be posted to every Board Member next week. The deadline for voting is 6th of May. After that we will publish the official results on the website.

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