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Dan Sporea (Romania)

E-mail:  dan.sporea
Name of the Institute:  National Institute for Laser

Dr. Dan Sporea is heading the Laser Metrology and Standardization Laboratory in our Institute, Laboratory which is accredited by the Romanian Accreditation Body as both a testing and a calibration laboratory for laser-based products and optical fiber system. For the "Hands-on Science" project, Dr. Sporea is acting as the project Director for Romania. Some of the major activities he cordinated are related to:  the promotion along with other groups from the "Pholitehnica" University of Bucharest and the University of Bucharest, of the use and training on virtual instrumentation in high school laboratories, this type of teaching being a premiere at European level; the organization of itinerant experimental sessions in different parts of Romania; the endorsement of the develeopment by high school teachers and students of virtual experiments on physics and the associated printed materials; the support for our partner schools in organizing a national level of "science fairs"; the preparation of teaching materials in electronic and multimedia formats; assistance for the access to experimental-based teaching to less favored groups (minorities, orphan childrens, students from rural areas); the dissemination of the projects results through lectures, conferences, communication sessions. In this efforts to develop this project he obtained the support of some companies acting as sponsors.

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