Thu May 18, 2006

Science literacy and lifelong learning

18th-20th May 2006, Bucharest, Romania

Science literacy and lifelong learning. Europe towards a knowledge-based society

The European Council held in Lisbon in March 2000 stated that "the European Union is confronted with a quantum shift resulting from globalization and the challenges of a new knowledge-driven economy". Based on this conclusion, the European Council set as the major goal and challenge for the European Union for 2010 "to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion". The Council also nominated five “new basic skills” on which the knowledge-based economy has to be developed as it concerns the education: Information and Communication Technology - ICT, technological culture, foreign languages, entrepreneurship and social skills.

To enforce the contribution of education and training as set by the Lisbon process, the Stockholm European Council adopted in 2001 thirteen concrete future objectives in the field of education and training systems that aim to improve the quality, access and openness of the European education and training systems. In 2002, the goal for the education and training systems in Europe to become "a worldwide quality reference by 2010" was established through the “Education and Training 2010” work program.

An important component of this work program is the continue education by different forms of lifelong leaning (LLL). Lifelong learning being defined as: “encompassing all purposeful learning activity, whether formal or informal, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competence”. The benchmark set for 2010, refers to the EU-average level of participation in lifelong learning which should be at least 15% of the adult working age population (25-64 age group) and in no country should it be lower than 10%.
Bearing in mind these EU’s ambitious goals, the Comenius 3 network “Hands-on Science” (* will organize in Bucharest, Romania, May 18th to 20th, 2006, the International Workshop “Science literacy and lifelong learning. Europe towards a knowledge-based society”.

Two plenary sessions, several round tables and informal discussion meetings will be held.

You are invited to submit proposals for communications to the plenary sessions and topics and contributions to the round table debates focused, but not limited, on topics related to LLL such as:

  • LLL education for “active citizenship”
  • LLL and scientific literacy
  • LLL education for employability
  • ICT and digital skills in LLL
  • formal, non-formal and informal learning in LLL
  • LLL and key competences
  • LLL’ environments
  • best practices in developing and implementing LLL systems and policies
  • learning-to-learn schemes
  • training educators and trainers for LLL
  • LLL and lifelong guiding/counselling
  • LLL projects targeting disadvantaged groups
  • investments in LLL
  • building trans-national partnerships
  • mechanisms for quality assurance, evaluation and monitoring in LLL
  • accreditation and certification.

As the workshop will be limited to 60 participants, you are kindly requested to pre-register as earlier as possible and no later than December 18, 2005 on our website

For further information and registration please contact the local organization (), or visit the workshop’ website at


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