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How to start and develop a nationwide research organization for high school students?
September 13, 2005
I have established an initiative to provide research opportunities for high school students in leading Hungarian scientific teams in 1996 ( During the last decade the initiative grew to an international endeavor (, which was awarded by the Descartes Award of the European Union, and is adapted now in a growing number of countries.
IMSA Mentorship Program
January 12, 2005
What materials most effectively reduce erosion in hip prostheses? What is the relationship between the development of scientific knowledge and the progression of artistic style? What cultural change took place in pueblo life in the Southwestern United States following the Spanish conquests?
HRSA Mentorship Program
May 22, 2005
In 1995 a new program has been established in Hungary helping talented high school students (in the age between 14 and 20) to find mentors who introduce them to scientific research in Hungarian universities or research institutes. The program gained an overwhelmingly positive response from the Hungarian scientific community.
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