30 Sept 2009
A new opportunity for the talented in Spain. See more below...
Math-By-Mail - Recreational Math by Correspondence
14 May 2009

Sponsored by the Davidson Institute located at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

The Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament
14 May 2009

Takes place every spring at the Davidson Institute located at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI)
14 May 2009

Takes place every July at the Davidson Institute located at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

S3 2009 is now open
11 May 2009
A marvelous opportunity for the interested in archeoloy: Summer Camp in Croatia
The Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament
30 April 2009.
Takes place every spring at the Davidson Institute located at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI)
30 April 2009.

Takes place every July at the Davidson Institute located at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Forum on Really Current Common Issues
20 March 2009
We have opened the official Forum of NYEX. Let's join and discuss the current topics of our common interest!
Please find it right here, on the main site. (Right coloumn / forum). 
30 March 2009

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We would like to draw your attention to the International Conference “Excellence: Education & Human Development” that will be held in 1-4 July 2009, in Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities with a huge recorded history and cultural heritage.

In the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

WSF 2009
14 Nov, 2008
An international survey is launched on collaboration opportunities and exchange programs by the Secretariat in Hungary.


Responses are kindly awaited to mate.olah (at)
XLAB International Science Camp 2009
6 Jan 2009
In the summer of 2009 XLAB organizes the International Science Camps in the seventh year of uninterrupted succession.
Student Program in G�ttingen
Dec 1, 2008
You can read a brief report on the Student Program held simultaneously with the Board Meetings in G�ttingen, Germany.
I-SWEEP Competition
Dec 1, 2008
Current competition is already available!
NYEX Conference 2008
May. 23, 2008
This Year's NYEX Conference took place in G�ttingen between 16 and 19 October, 2008.
World Cup in Mental Arithmetics for Pupils
Sep 14, 2008
In the Year of Mathematics, the first World Cup in mental arithmetics for pupils will take place in N�rnberg from 2 - 6 November 2008.
How Science Works: Evolution - an essay by Reginald Ellis
Sep. 1, 2008
The FRESHEST essay entitled `How Science Works: Evolution` by Reginald Ellis has now been finalised and is online.
The Year of Science 2009 is right around the corner-- how are you celebrating?
May. 26, 2008
This month's Clarion describes opportunities for you and your organization to get involved in the celebration of Year of Science 2009. 
„Innovating Minds“ - Czech Awards for Young Europeans
Apr. 24, 2008
An award for young and talented high-school teenagers - young people who are just deciding on the field in which they will develop their potential - in Europe. 
ESOF Teens
Apr. 22, 2008
For the 2008 ESOF edition Euroscience wants to promote an European Community of Junior Scientists. In order to do so, we have developed a website, that provides among other resources an interactive virtual space that allows students and professionals to share their research experience.
5th International Conference on Hands-on Science
Apr. 9, 2008
The 5th International Conference on Hands-on Science, Formal and Informal Science Education will be held at the World Heritage brasilian historical town of Olinda/ Recife, October 13 to 17, 2008.
FEBS Courses 2008
Feb. 27, 2008
One of the main goals of FEBS is to foster student training and mobility within the entire European research area. Each Year FEBS provides about 400 Youth Travel Funds (YTFs) for young scientists.  YTF grants fully support the attendance of young scientists (PhD students and postdoctoral fellows within five years after obtaining their PhD) at FEBS Courses and Workshops, covering both travel and any applicable registration fee.
JetNet - A best practice for Europe
March. 2, 2008
Jet-Net, Youth and Technology Network Netherlands, was established in November 2002 as a partnership between the Dutch industry, the government and the education sector. At the beginning of 2008, the network consists of thirty national and international companies, representatives of two government ministries, trade organizations, and the national Science and Technology Platform.
Petnica International Science School (PI 2008)
March 10, 2008
PI 2008 is a summer program devoted to out-of-school science education. The focus of the program will be on critical and creative thinking and approaches in science and scientific research. Our goal is to gather gifted, inquisitive, open-minded students motivated for scientific research, and to give them a short but intensive course on systematical problem solving.
XLAB - International Science Camp 2008
Feb. 2, 2008
In the summer of 2008 XLAB organizes the International Science Camps in the sixth year of uninterrupted succession. In 2008 XLAB organizes two International Science Camps.
Agora Issue 2008: How Women Contribute to Changing the face of Science
March. 6, 2008
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the L'OREAL-UNESCO For Women in Science partnership, and throughout 2008 Agora will be devoted to a theme: Changing the Face of Science
Science Camp of Archeology - Biochemistry 2008
Feb. 27, 2008
Hungarian Research Student Association organises again the Science Camp of Archeology-Biochemistry,  from the 28th of July to 4th August 2008 in Szeged, Hungary
9th EMBL/EMBO Science & Society conference
Jan.2, 2008
Systems and Synthetic Biology - Scientific and Social Implications will be held 7-8 November 2008 at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany
Volvo Adventure - Young People Bringing the Environment to Life
Oct. 8, 2007
Volvo Adventure - in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme - is an educational programme that rewards environmental activities undertaken by young people (age 13-16 years old). The deadline for submitting the projects is 31th of January, 2008.
SciTech2007 - personal narrative
Oct. 8, 2007
Here you can read a personal narrative of Agota Voroshazi, a Hungarian research student. Thanks to the good relationship between NYEX members: Technion and the Hungarian Research Student Association, Agota could spend a summer course exploring the bioactive wastewater purification in Haifa, Israel.
Photo competition "Seeing Science"
Sept. 2, 2007
Capture the 'magic of science' on camera and you could win the KNAW Photo Competition! In 2008 the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) will celebrate its 200th anniversary. To mark this special occasion the KNAW will organise a number of scientific and festive events on the theme 'the magic of science', including a photography competition. Deadline for sending in photographs is 1 November 2007
High Schoolers at the FEBS Young Scientist Forum
Aug 24, 2007
The 7th FEBS Young Scientist Forum was held from July 5-7, 2007 in Vienna, Austria. This professional event aims to provide Ph.D. students and young postdoctoral fellows with opportunities to meet, make friends as well as to discuss scientific affairs and career development in a friendly and informal atmosphere. For the first time 4 selected high school students from NYEX member organizations could attend to the Forum. Here you can read a report by one of these students, Tereza Zavrelova.
Workshop on "Science Education in School"
August 22, 2007
We are pleased to inform you that the international workshop "Science Education in School" will be held in October 11-14, 2007 in Bucharest. This event is organized by the Center for Science Education and Training - (National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics) in collaboration with the European Network « Hands-on-Science »
EMBO/EMBL Conference
23 July, 2007
'The Future of our Species - evolution, disease and sustainable development'takes place on 2-3 November 2007 at the EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany.
This is the 8th EMBO/EMBL joint conference on Science & Society. The tradition is annually to bring together over 200 professionals and lay participants from the general public, the biosciences, sociology, philosophy, communication, journalism, science education and many other fields.
Please visit the following webpage for further information on the programme, and to register for the conference:
Nov. 21, 2006
Please take a look at the recent issue of FEBS news here:
This issue contains a short information about the NYEX and also an article by Fran�ois TADDEI, Alice RICHARD & Livio  RIBOLI-SASCO about “Science Academie”: Raising Scientific Passions and Fostering a New Social Link!
Science Camp of Archeology-Biochemistry
August 14, 2007
An international Scince Camp was organized by the Hungarian Research Student Association sponsored by the Network of Youth Excellence. The Camp was held between 31.07.2007-07.08.2007 in Szeged, Hungary. The interested high school student participants were delegated by the different NYEX member organizations. The Camp had 20 participants from 6 different countries.
Young Scientists' Club in France
June 01, 2007
A great initiative has been established when Christian Mokabidila, French research student founded a young scientists' club at his school. Christian said that his school has been very supportive: "my school permits students to realize science projects, for instance in robotics, in permits me to do a kind of campaign for Science Academie and our scientist festival in my city."
The recently formed Scientists' Club has already 15 student members. The club gives an opportunity for its members to engage in different Science & Technology projects. The club also invites scientist-guests, such as Edgar Morin, the great sociologist and Fran�ois Taddei, molecular biologist. 
NYEX conference in Petnica
May 17, 2007
NYEX conference at Petnica Science Center is rapidly approaching (October 18-20, 2007). Help us to prepare the conference. Deadline for your contributions is mid-September, but, firstly, we need confirmation of your attendance. Please, contact Srdjan Verbic, head of Petnica International Programs to confirm your participation (e-mail: verbic at
The 3rd NATO-ARW Proceeding Book
May 02, 2007
NYEX is pleased to announce the release of the proceedings book with the title: "Science Education: Models and Networking of Student Research Trainings under 21" edited by P�ter Csermely, Korado Korlevic and Katalin Sulyok. The hard covered book is a member of the NATO Security through Science Series and contains the contributions of the 3rd NATO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop, which was held in Balatonf�red, Hungary between 20-22 October, 2006. 
Study tour in Chicago
Apr. 10, 2007
Thank to the connections within the Network of Youth Excellence and personally to Peggy Connelly, former NYEX chair, 3 excellent Hungarian research students were invited for a study trip to Chicago. Here you can read a personal report about the American adventures. 
PENCIL Science Teachers Conference
April 3, 2007
The conference takes place between 14-16 June 2007, in Technopolis, Mechelen, Belgium. You are invited to join science teachers from across Europe to take part in the final PENCIL Teachers Conference. This is a unique opportunity to participate in workshops and debates on how schools and science centres can come together at the forefront of science education.
One World, One Globe - Internet Student Conference on Globalization
March 9, 2007
As every year we would like to invite you, students and educators all over the world, to participate in the next Agenda 21 International Internet conference.More than one thousand students from approx. 50 countries on five continents will be expecting you during the conference.
A conference? Yes, Agenda 21 NOW! is a true conference taking place on the Internet. A conference about the Agenda 21, with conference rooms, moderators, international experts, workshops and many, many registered participants who are waiting to get into serious discussions with you. During 24 hours on 9 May, 2007.
New biology for new curricula
Feb. 5, 2007
The European Molecular Biology Organization announces its 6th International Workshop on Secondary School Science Education, which will take place from 17 -19 May 2007 in Heidelberg, Germany. Its title is "New biology for new curricula".
Peter Csermely is in the expert group for EC to improve science education
Nov. 28, 2006
The European Commission has announced the creation of a group to look at what action can be taken in Europe to support science education in primary and secondary schools. The group will be chaired by Michel Rocard, former French prime minister and now Member of the European Parliament. The four other group members are distinguished scientists with a long lasting experience and a particular interest in science education: Peter Csermely, Doris Jorde, Dieter Lenzen and Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson. The group will formulate policy recommendations designed to improve the way that Europe approaches science teaching and ensure future generations are properly prepared for a society and economy that relies on knowledge as a driving force.
For the whole article, please visit:
World Conference 2007
Nov. 27, 2006
Call for Papers for the 17th Biennial World Conference, which will be organized by the Council for Gifted and Talented Children, 5 -10 August 2007 University of Warwick, England. For more information please visit:
American Junior Academy of Science Convention
Oct. 30, 2006

This is your invitation to San Francisco for 2007! The National Association of Academies of Science (NAAS) and American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) will convene February 14-18, 2007 at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel located in downtown San Francisco.  Convention plans include a tour of the city, a field trip to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, dinner in China Town, poster sessions and oral presentations of delegate research, and much more! We encourage all academies to send delegates to this dynamic scientific and cultural event. Junior Academy delegates chosen by their State Academy, including those who presented at the St. Louis convention in 2006, are invited to attend. Delegates will make both poster and oral presentations.

Oct 24., 2006
The 3rd NATO-UNESCO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop organized by the Network of Youth Excellence was held between Oct. 20-22, 2006 in Balatonf�red, Hungary. Based on the recommendations of the 1999 World Conference on Science several NGO-s working in the field of talent recruitment to scientific research established the Network of Youth Excellence in 2002 to help the dissemination of the best practices and the establishment of extra-curriculum research practice for motivated students primarily between the age of 14 and 21.
Petnica Students' Science Conference
09 Oct., 2006
The biggest and probably the oldest independent organization for extracurricular science education in South-Eastern Europe, the Petnica Science Center, organizes annual students' conference between December 7-10, 2006. All schools, educational and scientific organizations working with students of age 15-19 interested in science are welcome to apply students and their research papers for the Conference. Deadline for applications is November 10, 2006.
The Hungarian Research Student Movement turned 10
September 12, 2006
The Hungarian Research Student Movement, - founding member of the NYEX - celebrates its 10th anniversary with a festive scientific meeting. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences will host the representative event.
New partner organization joined the Network
01 Sept., 2006
The Nigerian LIONS-ICT became our first partner in the African continent. The LIONS-ICT is an acronym, which stands for Latest Information On Nature and Science using Information Communication Technologies. The organization is managed by Raphael Adesiyan.
3rd NATO-UNESCO ARW new proceedings uploaded
August 22, 2006
The French Research Student Movement has been born
August 08, 2006
Three representatives of the Hungarian Research Student Movement – Prof. Peter Csermely and two research students: J�zsef Horv�th and D�nes T�rei –travelled to Paris to assist at the foundation of the Science Acad�mie. The Science Acad�mie with the leadership of Professor Fran�ois Taddei is willing to be a similar organization like the Hungarian Research Student Movement.
NYEX welcomes its 18th member
July 26, 2006

Cus-Mi-Bio has joined the Network of Youth Excellence as the first full member from Italy recently. We are delighted to welcome them in the network given the wide range and depth of their activities.

IJSO 2006
May 9, 2006
The IJSO 2006 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 3rd to 12th December, 2006. From 30th November to 2nd December, it will happen also an International Conference on Science Education.
3rd International Conference on "Hands-on Science"
May 5, 2006

Following the success of previous conferences HSCI’2004 in Ljubljana and HSCI’2005 in Crete, attended by 320 participants from 27 countries on 5 continents, with 133 different presentations, the third Hands-on Science annual conference, HSCI’2006, will be held at the Universidade do Minho in Braga...

International Physics Tournament
March 23, 2006
Though too late to join this year's , it is not too early to consider, contact and start working towards next year's Physics Tournament!
Invitation to ISSI
March 20, 2006
Each summer since 1969 approximately 75 highly talented high school graduates from all over the world gather together to spend a month at the Weizmann Institute. The first three weeks are devoted to actual research in active research laboratories and teams. The work combines the exploration of problems in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematical and computer sciences.
Website reconstruction
March 13, 2006
Dear Visitor! As you might have experienced, the website sometimes does not function properly. This is because of a massive reconstruction. We hope that this work will be done in one week or so. Hope to see you around in the near future!
International Youth Research School 2007
March 29, 2007
August 18-30, 2007, Petnica Science Center
"Training of Teacher’s Trainers in Human Rights Education With Young People"
February 01, 2006 21:04:00
Date: April 1-7, 2006 Deadline: February 10, 2006
XLAB International Science Camps 2006
January 20, 2006 12:33:00
XLAB likes to invite high school and first year university students from all over the world to participate in the XLAB-International Science Camps in summer 2006.
EMBO 5th international workshop for science teachers
January 11, 2006 17:39:00
The European Molecular Biology Organization announces its 5th International Workshop for secondary school science teachers, which will take place from 11 ­ 13 May 2006 in Heidelberg, Germany. Its title is "From school to University".
eTwinning: 10,000 schools are now registered
November 30, 2005 14:01:00
The Apostolos Varvanas Lyceum in Cyprus is the 10,000th school to have registered for eTwinning.
New information brochure available
November 25, 2005 14:13:00
The brochure on the Network for 2006 has just been finished. The first hundred copies were distributed at World Science Forum with a great success.
World Science Forum
November 12, 2005 17:27:00
The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in partnership with UNESCO and ICSU, organised the second World Science Forum . Budapest on 10-12 November 2005. This Forum focused on the theme of Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility.
Romanian NYEX member organization at EU Science Conference
November 07, 2005 12:43:00
EC Conference on Communicating European Research, 14-15th November 2005, Brussels.
October 10, 2005 11:14:00
The intenational seminar will be held in Estonia on 18-20 November organized by the Estonian Academy of Young Scientists.
Science literacy and lifelong learning: Europe towards a knowledge-based society
September 08, 2005 15:12:00
18th-20th May 2006, Bucharest, Romania
Petnica Students' Conference
September 01, 2005 13:10:00
The biggest and, probably, the oldest independent organization for extracurricular science education in South-Eastern Europe, Petnica Science Center, organizes annual students' conference between 8 and 11 December 2005. Great majority of participants are secondary-school students, attendants of Petnica programs in 2005. However, guest participants are always welcome!
Summary from the 30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference
July 26, 2005 15:54:00
The Congress had 2646 participants from 89 countries.
30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference Closed
July 12, 2005 17:14:00
The Congress had 2646 participants from 89 countries.
30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference
Juny 18, 2005 16:18:00
Budapest, Hungary 2nd-7th July, 2005
International Round Table in Lithuania
Juny 04, 2005 11:45:00
Conference “Role of Youth in science promotion” Friday, May of 27th, 2005 Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
International Round Table in Budapest
Juny 03, 2005 10:56:00
On the 31 May 2005 in the Andr�ssy University was a discussion between the members of European Academy of Sciences and Arts and younger research generation
EMBO/EMBL Conference on Science and Security
Juny 02, 2005 16:27:00
"Science and Security" takes place on 28 - 29 October 2005 at the EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany.
Congratulations to the Executive Board of NYEX
May 23, 2005 16:39:00
It is our pleasure to announce the result of the voting procedure.
Advice to make a student research organization
May 08, 2005 22:36:00
In the last sixth months the Hungarian Research Student Association was approached from several countries around the world to share its know-how on mentorship program among high-school students.
Students from Nagyenyed had success in Bukarest
April 29, 2005 15:10:00
On the 25 April the first Science Fair in Romania was held in the „Grigore Moisil” High School, Bukarest by the physicist dr. Dan Sporea who is the Romanian coordinator of the Hands-on Science program.
An intresting website from Romania
April 14, 2005 22:17:00
The new Hands on Science website has been lunched in Romania.
The nomination process has been successfully completed
April 10, 2005 17:07:00
The deadline (4th April) passed for nominations for Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Seceretariat of the Network of Youth Excellece. The Secretariat received the following nominations:
New research club in Bratislava
March 24, 2005 19:37:00
Mikl�s Bartal estabilished a research club in Bratislava for talented high school students. The club focuses mainly on chemistry, and they pursue special experiments in Mr. Bartal's institute. The club would like to expand its activities in to future to cover other sciences.
March 19, 2005 12:33:00
We are happy to inform you that several organizations have already signed the Memorandum of Understanding and became full-right members of the Network of Youth Excellence.
NYEX Honors the International Women’s Day
March 08, 2005 19:06:00
The Environment, Science, Technology and Health Hub of the US Embassy at Budapest hosted a “Young Women and Science” Roundtable on March 7, 2005, in honor of International Women’s Day, which is March 8. The Roundtable brought together established women scientists, as well as young students and researchers who plan to make their careers in science.
First applications for Full membership
February 27, 2005 13:56:00
Several organizations expressed thier interest to join the Network of Youth Excellence officially...
Deutsche Sch�lerAkademie
February 27, 2005 11:37:00
An invitation to a fascinating summer program...
The official start of the Network
February 04, 2005 15:04:00
Today those organizations and indivuduals who expressed their interest to join the Network of Youth Excellence received the Memorandum of Understanding.
The 2nd International Conference Hands-on Science
January 15, 2005 20:37:00
"Science in a changing Education", July 13 -16, 2005, University of Crete campus at Rethymno, Greece
Participation in DECIDE project
December 10, 2004 14:10:00
The "DECIDE" project, under the auspices of ECSITE aims at developing a format to conduct deliberative debates across Europe on contemporary issues.
The 2004 EU Descartes Prize
December 10, 2004 11:10:00
The 2004 EU Descartes prize ceremony, which took place in Prague castle on 2 December turned out to be a remarkable success.
Ethical problems in scientific research
November 21, 2004 22:29:00
Most of the research projects touches more or less a number of ethical questions. Sometimes it is hard to take a decision in these issues.
The first research project of NYEX starts!
October 29, 2004 20:20:00
Contest to find out the abbreviation and logo of the Network of Youth Excellence
Received Introductions NYEX Members
October 29, 2004 10:20:00
The new website of the Network of Youth Excellence is under construction and is going to be ready in the very near future. It is high time to submit the short summary and logo of your organization!
If you want to start your own high school student research network…
October 25, 2004 20:37:00
Do you want to estabilish a student resarch network? May be we could help at the beginning....
Korean Law for Gifted Education
October 22, 2004 16:34:00
An intresting act from the Korean Republic dealing with gifted and talented students...
The 2004 meeting of Network participants has been a great success…
October 20, 2004 20:25:00
The 2nd "Science Education: Talent Recruitment and Public Understanding" Conference was held in Hungary between 1st and 3rd October.......
Board and Secretariat
Join the movement
Contact the Network
Hungarian Research Student Movement -
NYEX Secretariat
Szemere u. 21. III.floor.
Budapest, Hungary

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