Math-By-Mail - Recreational Math by Correspondence

Math-by-Mail is an extracurricular math enrichment program exposing school students (3rd – 12th grades) to various recreational math topics not covered by the school curriculum.  The correspondence is done through a series of math booklets dedicated to topics in recreational math. The booklets are available either in hardcopy or online via a special-purpose website dedicated to the program. The correspondence with the mathematicians is conducted via an online forum available at the website. The completed booklets are sent to the mathematicians by mail or submitted electronically for an individual review. Notes and suggestions of the reviewer are then sent back to the participating student.
Math-by-Mail provides the interested or talented students with enrichment that stimulates creative thinking by providing them with mathematical challenges, broadening their math horizons and expanding the students' knowledge way beyond the limits imposed by the curriculum and their peer environment.
The program is currently run in five countries and four different languages (Hebrew, English, Spanish, Arabic) with over 2000 participants.


Further information:

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