The Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament

11th and 12th graders in five-member teams from participating schools from around the world design and build a safe locking mechanism, based on principles of high-school physics, for a standard wooden box with a transparent window.  The lock should use a physical phenomenon underlying its design riddle. On the tournament day teams are challenged by their peers’ safes that they have to open subject to the tournament rules.  Each team is given specs of a box and must use simple materials to build a lock able to be opened in less than five minutes, but that will keep opponents stumped for at least 10 minutes.  Entries are scored by a panel of referees, not only for being pick-proof, but also for aesthetics and originality and marks are awarded for the number of safes they succeed breaking into.  The teams all assemble in a two-day annual international physics tournament held by the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute and awards are presented to the victors. This two day event is the climax of a six month creative process starting from the tournament launch in late October at which time students should already team up and register.


Further details and registration:

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