S3 2009 is now open

Since 2007 S3 is divided into two schools: S3 for 1st and 2nd grade 
high school students (Croatian participants only) and S3++ for 3rd and 
4th grade students (international).  Due to limited number of 
participants we would like to select highly motivated children from 
Croatia and abroad.
If you are the one, who is 
interested in science and who is highly motivated to spend 11 days in 
scientific research feel free to take part in the Croatian Summer Camp!
Application form and all details about the School and projects are 
available on their official web page

A Hírlevelet a Nyex.info küldte el Önnek, mivel e-mail címe szerepel honlapunk regisztrált felhasználói között. Ha nem szeretne több üzenetet kapni tõlünk, a lemondáshoz kattintson ide!