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Dear Colleagues,

WSF 2009 Conference is really in approach. This year there is going to be a juvenile section too, in which NYEX has already participated many times (last time Peggy Connolly and Peter Csermely honored it with their presence). We would like to make even more profound preparations, but for this we will surely need your help.

Please do find a useful forum here on current issues in which we all share a common interest:

In case you are in connection with other national (or regional) organizations that improve the abilities of the talented, please do include them too. We would honestly rejoice over the opportunity if you all could contribute to our future success and would become regular users of this forum.

I really looking forward to your contribution, for which I would like to say thanks in advance.

Best wishes,
Mate Olah
(NYEX Secretary)
Board and Secretariat
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