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May. 23, 2008

NYEX Conference 2008

October 16th to October 19th Göttingen, Germany

A successful annual conference took place in Göttingen, Germany; between 16th and 19th October.

Göttingen Conference was organized by the following schedule:

Social program

- guided tour through Göttingen

- exploring Göttingen at night

- excursion to lake Seeburg

General remarks

Göttingen is a small medieval town. The University of Göttingen was founded in 1738 and became one of most well know universities in the last centuries especially in mathematics and physics. Today, Göttingen is a leading centre in neurosciences with various collaborations between the University, the Max Planck Institutes and other scientific Institutions.

XLAB is a very young institution compared to the history of the university, but nevertheless XLAB is a leading institution in bringing science to new generations.

Scientific talks

Besides these presentations and discussions members of the Göttingen scientific community gave scientific talks related to recent developments in neurosciences. Prof. E. Neher, Prof R. Jahn and Prof S. Hell all from the Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical Chemistry were included as reputed and well-known professors.

Student program

According to the major aims and objectives of NYEX, XLAB gave 12 interested students the opportunity to carry out experiments focusing on biophysical properties of neuronal tissue. The limited number of participants was due to our laboratory equipment. The courses were held in parallel to the scientific program of the NYEX members on Thursday October 16th and Friday October 17th. The students presented their results and impressions ofthis course (and if possible other practical courses they had formerly attended) to the NYEX members. Therefore we strongly encourage the NYEX members to give their students the chance to take part in the courses.

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