Workshop on "Science Education in School"

We are pleased to inform you that the international workshop "Science Education in School" will be held in October 11-14, 2007 in Bucharest. This event is organized by the Center for Science Education and Training - (National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics) in collaboration with the European Network « Hands-on Science », with the financial support of the Romanian National Agency for Scientific Research in the frame of the CEEX Project "Science Education and Training in a Knowledge-based Society".

The workshop audience is: researchers in the field of science education, managers and personnel of the institutions directly or indirectly involved in science education (universities, research institutes, science museums, theoretical, technical and vocational schools, education policy makers, non-governmental organizations and local authorities).

Satellite events:
- Science Fair with national participation and its audience is: teachers and school students from middle and high school.
This will be the third edition.
- Training course 'Hands-on Science experiments' in primary schools» intended for primary school teachers and kindergarten educators.
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