NYEX conference in Petnica

NYEX conference is rapidly approaching, especially for the hosts of this
event. Help us to prepare the conference well. Natural deadline for your
contributions is mid-September, but, firstly, we need confirmation of
your attendance. Please, do it as soon as possible.

If you confirm your attendance before June 15th, we shall be able to
reserve you a nice room in the "Grand" hotel in Valjevo, where the most
of participants will be hosted. Of course, respecting the tradition of
previous NYEX meeting accommodation and fees for NYEX representatives
will be covered by the host organization (Petnica Science Center).
Details will be announced soon by Vigor Majic, the director of Petnica.

If your organization is not a member of NYEX, there is also possibility
to join us and participate. Petnica Center is going offer some places in
its student dormitory with popular prices of 10 Euro per day including
all Conference costs (materials, three meals per day and local
transportation). We don't have too many beds in the students dormitory,
so you should apply earlier for this accommodation.

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