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Zvi Paltiel (Israel), Vice-Chairperson

Country:  Israel

Name:  Zvi Paltiel
Status:  Young@Science director

E-mail:  zvi.paltiel
Name of the Institute:  Young@Science, The Weizmann Institute of Science
Address of the Institute:  Rehovot , 76100 Israel
Phone1:  972-8-9344527
Fax:  972-8-9344130
Web:  www.weizmann.ac.il/young

Job Experience

November 2004: Natioanl World Year of Physics coordinator on behalf of the Israel Physical Society.

Since Feb 2000: Director of Young@Science of The Weizmann Institute. Young@Science is the engaged in dozens of informal science educational programs in Israel and abroad. Over 30,000 sturdents take part in at least one of Young@science activities annually. Specific programs aiming at gifted students, average students and underpriveledged are all arraganged by this department. In addition Young@Science also arranges lectures, astronomy club, Science Café, Symposia and more for the general public.

July 1995 – Feb 2000: Private business of development and marketing of a computerized system comprised of a sensitive CCD camera frame grabbing boards and image analysis software. Applications include molecular biology gel analysis and analysis of microscope mounted camera images. Among the customers are: Mekorot, hospitals and labs.


·          Detector laboratory, Weizmann Inst. Phys. Dept.: Medical x-ray imaging;

·          Garden of Science [Weizmann Inst.]: Scientific advisor;

·          Ophthalmic Camera start-up: management and business

1992  - July 1995: El-Mul Technologies, Rehovot, ISRAEL. Project leader, position sensitive -detector and a computerized CCD camera system for biological fluorescence applications. Both systems combine physics, analog and digital electronics and software. Responsibilities include: system definition, market research, contact with potential customers. Applications to the Chief Scientist Office followed by the continuing contacts, reporting and negotiating are also included. 

1991 - 1992: Consultant (Numar, Numalog, Elscint)

Application of novel NMR techniques to oil well logging;

Study of neuromagnetic imaging (magnetoencephlography, MEG) technique

MEG market and feasibility study   

1990 - May 1991: VP. Research  &  Development, NUMAR  Corp., Pennsylvania, USA. Responsible for the R&D within NUMAR and its Israeli  subsidiary  NUMALOG; Contacts with research teams of most major oil companies.

Among other activities this position required numerous presentations within the company and in several conferences, business and technical meetings with  other companies, and scientific lectures in scientific institutes.

These responsibilities were in addition to the managerial duties at Numalog.

1988 - May 1991: NUMALOG general manager. Running an Israeli subsidiary of  an  American  company.   Responsibility  started in effect already in October 1987. At that time Numalog was at its all time lowest headcount of 3 employee. Formal responsibility as of May 1988.

Within 3 years Numalog has evolved to 20 employee in a 500 sq. m facility, including 3 PhDs, 4 software engineers, 2 electronic engineers, manufacturing engineer, technicians and few additional employees. Hiring these employees was my responsibility.

During this 3 year period Numalog succeeded in redesigning the laboratory model of the company NMR logging device and developing a field version which operates under the severe field conditions. Numalog carried out field tests in collaboration with Numar - the American parent company - and led to their successful completion.

1985-1987: NUMALOG. Scientist in a small (5 employee) R&D team. Studying the feasibility of a new revolutionary NMR logging system. Oil companies are presently using this device in oil wells. It provides geophysicists, petrophysicists,  geologists and reservoir engineers with better understanding of the rocks, their content and the producibility of hydrocarbon therein.

The success of the laboratory work led to the engineering and manufacturing of this product in the next phase.

1984-1985 Elscint: Senior scientist in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) project. Developed several new features, including 2 patents.

1981-1984 Elta, Ashdod Israel: Senior scientist in the electronic tube facility. Development of traveling wave tubes (TWT) as well as other tubes.

1979-1981 Tel-Aviv University: Senior research scientist in the theoretical nuclear physics group of the Physics and Astronomy department.

1977-1979 MIT, Cambridge MA, USA: Postdoctoral research fellow at the center for theoretical physics. Research field included the theory of nuclear fission and heavy ion reactions.


1988-1989 Industrial Park, Tefen, Israel: Entrepreneurial Program directed by Dr. A. Baran of ISCAR and Prof. D. J. Eisenberg of Triangle Technologies LTD.

1977          Ph.D.

Dissertation: "Dynamic microscopic model for the excitation mechanism in nuclear fission".

1974-1977 Weizmann Inst., Rehovot, Israel: A graduate (Ph.D.) Student of the Feinberg graduate school at the institute.

Research field: Dynamic excitations in nuclear fission.

Supervised by Prof. Z. Fraenkel and Prof. M. W. Kirson.

1973     M.Sc., Nuclear Physics

Thesis: "Transition probability calculation in microscopic model for the fission process".

1971-1973 Weizmann Inst., Rehovot, Israel: Graduate (MSc) student of  Feinberg Graduate school. Major in Nuclear and particle physics. MSc study under the supervision of Prof. Z. Fraenkel on the theory of nuclear fission.

1968-1971 Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel: Undergraduate studies. Major in physics, mathematics and computer science.

Honors and Fellowships

1977, 1978: "Dr. C. Weizmann" fellowship.

1976   :    "Sapir Foundation" prize for PhD studies.

 Personal Information

Status: Married +  4 Children (19 yr. - 37 yr.)

Born  : 1946,  Israel

Nationality: Israel

Other activities: Editor of "P-Ha'Atom - Physics for Youth" of the Youth Activity Section and the Physics Dept. of the Weizmann Inst. of Science, 1981 - 1994.

Patents  (partial list)

1. "Downhole Fluid Diffusion measurement by NMR oil well logging".

Assignee: Numar Corporation.

Filing date: Dec. 2, 1990.

2. "Improved magnetic resonance imaging (separate water and lipid images)"

Co-inventor: Amir Ban.

Assignee: Elscint Ltd.

Filing Date: 1985.

Issued: 1987.

3. "Magnetic Resonance image zooming"

Assignee: Elscint Ltd.

Filing date: Sept. 20, 1984

Issued: Feb. 17, 1987.

Publications (NMR for Oil Well Logging)

1. "Spin Echo Magnetic Resonance Logging: Porosity and Free Fluid Index determination"  M. N. Miller, Z. Paltiel, M. E. Gillen, and J. C. Bouton. SPE 65th annual conf., New-Orleans, LA USA, Sept. 23-26 1990.

2. "NMR Oil Well Logging" Experimental NMR Conference (ENC), Montrey Ca, April 1989.

3. "Separate Water and Lipid Images Obtained by a Single Scan" Soc. of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 4th Annual Meeting Aug. 1985.

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