The 3rd NATO-UNESCO-sponsored Advanced Research Workshop organized by the Network of Youth Excellence was held between Oct. 20-22, 2006 in Balatonfüred, Hungary. Based on the recommendations of the 1999 World Conference on Science several NGO-s working in the field of talent recruitment to scientific research established the Network of Youth Excellence to help the dissemination of the best practices and the establishment of extra-curriculum research practice for motivated students primarily between the age of 14 and 21. Currently the network has 19 member organizations from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The 3rd meeting was a jointly sponsored meeting by NATO, UNESCO and EMBO and took place at the Lake Balaton in Hungary. The program contained several lectures held by the representatives of the different member organizations and other experts of this field in order to exchange ideas and share experience about involving young gifted students in scientific research activities. The network established task-forces to help the organization to build collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects including exchanges of students and teachers, evaluation of participating programs, help to establish the ‘network of networks’ between students, teachers, mentors, parents, organizers, sponsors and all other interested parties.

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