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    WAYS 1st General Conference

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Ethical problems in scientific research
November 21, 2004 22:29:00

Most of the research projects touches more or less a number of ethical questions. Sometimes it is hard to take a decision in these issues.

The first research project of NYEX starts!
October 29, 2004 20:20:00

Contest to find out the abbreviation and logo of the Network of Youth Excellence
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Received Introductions of Members of NYEX
October 29, 2004 10:20:00

The new website of the Network of Youth Excellence is under construction and is going to be ready in the very near future. It is high time to submit the short summary and logo of your organization!

If you want to start your own high school student research network… October 25, 2004 20:37:00

Korean Law for Gifted Education October 22, 2004 16:34:00

The 2004 meeting of Network participants has been a great success… October 20, 2004 20:25:00


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